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This is the Desafio Mortal's Official Website, here you can find everything related to the game, such as new items, new releases, quests information, exclusive items for sale, gameplays, news and much more.

What is Desafio Mortal?

The Game Desafio Mortal, specially created for the blind and the visual impaired, was started in 2015, bringing the entertainment and the fun for all it's players, with a huge variety of situations and ways to play the game.
When the game was started, it was just an internal test launched exclusivelly for the Mega Dimensão's Team, and they never think about sharing the game, because the team thinks that Desafio Mortal game wasn't not take much players.

Not as expected The Desafio Mortal has a lot of players, and the number of players are increasing everyday, obviously, the team was not expecting this fast growth of the game

With the game players increasing everyday, the team decided to bring the game in a multilingual platform in the middle of 2016, and with this decision the game became available in the official website for English and Spanish users.

With this modification, the Desafio Mortal expanded to the other countries, getting a huge number of players from all over the world.

From that moment, a game that was just for fighting and shooting, started to have a new direction when the decision made by the entire DM team started becoming a reality, which was to Make it a life simulator.".
In the beginning it was a little complicated task Because DM is a 2D game,, where the up and down arrow keys can't be used to walk, it does not make any sense in real life, but the team makes a difference by releasing a lot of updates by including fun tasks to Replace this technical limitation.

With the dedication of all members of the team, Desafio Mortal keeps growhing daily, while the updates are being created by the team member's on continuous basis.

in Desafio Mortal, you can do a lot of things, such as:

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If you want to contribut with our project, get in touch with us via e-mail at: megadimensao@gmail.com

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